Synopses: ST1/Preview Issue

The Wind in the Willows: the River Bank
In this first episode of Kenneth Grahame’s classic, we meet Mole and his friend the Water Rat. Together they spend an idyllic day on the river, but not without some minor disasters! Further episodes of their adventures will appear in Story Teller 2, with illustrations by Richard Hook.

Ruth Ainsworth’s gentle story of the toys’ efforts to get Jack out of a tight spot.

Campbell the Travelling Cat
The name of our Highland hero arose from author Sheila Richmond’s fondless for a plaid cloak made of the Campbell tartan … and for cats!

Arthur the Lazy Ant
After Peter Wingham’s house was burgled, he made the best he could of the experience by creating this cartoon fable.

Dragon Child
When Hilary Roberts turns from her usual sphere of adult fiction to writing for children, she has that happy knack of making her stories sound like old-world folk-lore, rediscovered and brought vividly back to life.

The Magic Porridge Pot
This hilarious folk tale originates from Central Europe, where it has entertained children for centuries.

The Lobster Quadrille
Lewis Carroll’s famous piece of seaside nonsense from Alice in Wonderland – to be serialised in the new Story Teller.

2 thoughts on “Synopses: ST1/Preview Issue

  1. Katelijne Darcy says:

    Dear Mrs, Sir,
    is it possible to receive a text of the story of Arthur, the lazy Ant?
    Thanks in advance–

    Regards, Katelijne

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