Most of the stories, poems and songs have been made into videos. Here’s a list of those that can be found on YouTube (and a few on Facebook). This page is updated regularly as new videos are produced so keep checking if your favourite story has not received the video treatment yet.

Make sure you check out the Story Teller YouTube channel!

General Videos

For Little Story Teller, check out the Little Story Teller playlist

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7 thoughts on “Videos

  1. A fan says:

    Does anyone have the Christmas Story Teller 2 edition? Only five stories from this edition are on youtube. The others aren’t:
    • Santa’s Sunny Christmas read by Miriam Margolyes
    • Good King Wenceslas read by Sheila Hancock
    • Dick Whittington and His Cat read by Richard Briers
    • The Tale of the Little Pine Tree read by Miriam Margolyes
    • The Fairies’ Cake read by Miriam Margolyes
    I am a massive fan of Story Teller and this is the only tape and magazine I don’t own. Could anyone oblige by adding these to Youtube?
    Many thanks

  2. sylvia oliver says:

    i have the book and trying to get the tape i gave to my grandson aaagh he’s lost it. can any one help… they were my childrens and my 33yr old son n i have been watching the christmas issue gobbolino… sheila hancock on u tube. Think this is issue 1 released here in Perth west australia .

  3. Julie says:

    Oh my god, I just loved story teller 2. I have books and tapes apart from no 1, 2 and lost the book except front page for 3. I loved Lord of the rush river. I so wish these would be released again for my children same books and illustrations no changes but on CD!!!

  4. Mrs Joanne Morrison says:

    I can’t believe I have only just found this website! I learnt to read with my beloved story tellers. Sadly my tapes no longer work. I read the stories every night to my 2 children. I try to describe the wonderful music that I can still hear when I read, but now I have found this site my children will now be able to feel the full magic of Story Teller! Thank you so much for bringing it alive again. It really is the best collection of Children’s stories ever. Why this collection was never reissued for the next generation is really sad. Nothing else has ever come close to the way it brought to life a Childs imagination. From now on, bedtime stories at my house will last all evening! Thank you so much again for bringing the magic back.

  5. Dean Hall says:

    Storyteller 1 and 2 is without a doubt one of the greatest part works that Marshall Cavendish ever published in my opinion.
    I loved the whole collection in the 1980s when i was a kid here in the UK. I was 9 years old in 1982 when Storyteller started and though-out 1983 my Mum would often but me Storyteller 1 from our local newsagents i had only a few of the issues back then. My reading, writing and spelling was not very good when i was child at school due to my special needs back then and i struggled, however Storyteller 1 help me enormously back then with my reading and listening to the wonderful accompanying tapes which after all was why the publication was started. In Christmas of 1983 one of my presents that my Mum and Dad bought me was Christmas Storyteller 1 which i cherished though-out the 1980s. I had a number of Storyteller 2 issues again bought from the local newsagents back then. However my parents did not subscribe to the whole collection for me which i still wished they had of done back then, i certainly did not know what subscription’s were as a child back then and it could of simply been that my parents could not afford the price of the subscription though Marshall Cavendish. Sadly my original issues and cassette tapes including Christmas Storyteller 1 are long gone. I never had Christmas Storyteller 2.
    However in 2005 when i was 33, i managed to find the complete set of not only Storyteller 1 but 2 on eBay including all 4 binders containing all issues of both plus all cassette tapes in there respective cassette carrying cases for each and the inlay cassette cards printed on the inside of both plus both Christmas Story Teller 1 and 2 and the leaflet’s (flyer’s) and poster it was clear that whoever bought the collections back then in the 1980s had looked after them and cherished them though-out the years as there is not a single tear, rip or highlight on any of the pages even the wonderful colouring in pages were not done in any of the issues it is immaculate in every way, only the child’s name is visible on the sticker on the front of both carrying cases and there name is written possibly by the newsagents or maybe the parent or parents on the back in the top left hand corner of each magazine in biro. I still cherish this wonderful collection today as i did as a child back in the 1980s I have the entire collection stored safely away in a plastic Really Useful Box in my cupboard it’s safely stored away from dust and dirt with the locking lid on the top of the box. I do not play any of cassettes though fear of the tapes getting chewed up by my cassette recorder that i own. When i want to reminisce i take the collection out of the box and handle it very carefully and of course the binders are heavy and look and admire the beautiful illustrations and pages of the magazines. To this day whenever i look at the collection even online it takes me right back to being 9 and 10 years old again and it helps me to reconnect to my dear departed parents, it is still my favourite part work to this day and always will be nothing can touch it. I have a lot of love and respect for this incredible collection to this day no matter how old i get i am a huge fan and always will be.

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