Erzähl mir was

Erzähl mir was loosely translates as “Tell me something” and the magazine was subtitled “The most beautiful children’s stories in the world to collect”.

Like its UK counterpart, Erzähl mir was came out fortnightly and was available in newsagents or by subscription. Fifty-two issues plus one Christmas special were published.


The series was continuously numbered from one to fifty-two and was not split into two series like the UK and Italian edition. The story listing was very similar to the UK edition, though the covers often had different illustrations and did not follow the same colour scheme.

Readers included Hans Paetsch, Maria Schell und Thomas Fritsch.

A distinctive design element of the German edition was the balloon in the masthead next to the logo with the issue number superimposed on it.


The image above shows the cover page of the debut issue (left) which contained an introductory page on page 3 (right).

Erzähl mir was carried the colouring pages that were so popular in the UK and in addition the German edition had activity pages at the back of each issue.


Part of the series can be enjoyed on YouTube. The videos are slowly being remade.

Join the Facebook group.

Visit the new website.


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