Story Teller Song Book

This was the single volume magazine published in 1986, the last title from the Story Teller series. It had 52 pages consisting of 20 “all-time singalong favourites” and games, puzzles and things to do. Eden Phillips kept the rein as editor and old Story Teller favourite Malcolm Livingstone was one of the illustrators. Along with the Story Teller 2 special preview issue, the Song Book is probably the hardest-to-find title in the series and no collection is really complete without it. So if you’re lucky enough to see a copy on eBay, grab it!

Read the flipbook

Sing along to the YouTube playlist.


10 thoughts on “Story Teller Song Book

  1. Sati says:

    Oh, bless you. I’ve been trying to find my copy of this for years – it’s somewhere in my black hole of a house – and all I could remember is that it was called “Song Book” which doesn’t help with a search! Eventually I just started entering song names and it brought me to you. It’s a wonderful book, I had mine when it was first out (I was 2!) and was hoping to pass it to my kids someday.

    Onto eBay then, I guess! Thanks off making this page!

  2. frosty says:

    Hi everyone!
    I have found the Storyteller Songbook (both the songs and the book in PDF format). I was able to upload the Songs in MP3 format on the yahoo group in the folder Storyteller songs (Songbook) audio. There is only one which IO can not upload, What Shall we do with the drunken sailor, song number 18 in that list. Unfortunately, I could not upload the PDF book too, because it exceeds the limit of MB allowed by the site. Is there a way to upload it too?

  3. frosty says:

    By the way, the song which I could not upload there is already here. So now we have at least the whole audio version of the songbook.

  4. frosty says:

    The link above also has the Storyteller 2 special preview, AUDIO and BOOK. It is also free to download.

    Now, as I can understand, the collection is complete!! Hurray!!

  5. FROSTY says:

    Yes, the link is dead now…
    But here are other 2 links to it. (And please download it as soon as you can) You know, sometimes, free books are deleted from the internet in a matter os moths…
    BOOK: (in PDF format)
    AUDIO: (RAR format, this one is also put on the dedicated Yahoo group, but song by song).

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