Story Teller (Marshall Cavendish)

A Tribute to the Collection of the World's Best Children's Stories Published by Marshall Cavendish

Story Teller 2


Following the huge success of Story Teller 1, Marshall Cavendish immediately followed it up with another 26-part collection in 1984. In the first issue, the editors promised:

“Every fortnight, Story Teller 2 will introduce a new cast of exciting and colourful characters to amuse and enthrall your children. Like the original collection, Story Teller 2 combines the value of a fully illustrated colour book with a high quality, 50-minute cassette sound recording which follows the stories word for word.

“Whether your child is old enough to read the book, or simply wants to listen to the tape and follow the pictures, Story Teller 2 will provide a lasting collection of stories from around the world … and countless hours of pleasure.”

Part 1

Synopses | Review

Part 2

Synopses | Review

Part 3

Synopses | Review

Part 4

Synopses | Review

Part 5

Synopses | Review

Part 6

Synopses | Review

Part 7

Synopses | Review

Part 8

Synopses | Review

Part 9

Synopses | Review

Part 10

Synopses | Review

Part 11

Synopses | Review

Part 12

Synopses | Review

Part 13

Synopses | Review

Part 14

Synopses | Review

Part 15

Synopses | Review

Part 16

Synopses | Review

Part 17

Synopses | Review

Part 18

Synopses | Review

Part 19

Synopses | Review

Part 20

Synopses | Review

Part 21

Synopses | Review

Part 22

Synopses | Review

Part 23

Synopses | Review

Part 24

Synopses | Review

Part 25

Synopses | Review

Part 26

Synopses | Review


28 comments on “Story Teller 2

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  2. Nick Pledge
    15 December, 2011

    Is there a way i could get hold of “Stone Soup” myself and my sister LOVED this as kids. And i would love to introduce this and others to my 2 young daughters. Can anyone help me get hold of a copy?

  3. Aaron D Simpson
    20 December, 2011
  4. lisa
    21 December, 2011

    you can also find all the pdf version of the books and audios for the whole collection of story teller 1 &2 on pirate bay as a torrent ( along with a pdf version of the big book of fairy tales ). Excited !!!!!!

  5. Jane
    8 April, 2012


    Does anyone know where we can buy the sets yet? I had the whole set but either gave it away or sold it a few years ago!! Really would love to have all the tapes and books!! This site is great, but I miss a song for slug in part 7.

    J x

    • Sharon
      29 October, 2014

      I only have the magazine that came with it. Not sure what happened to the tapes unfortunately 😞

  6. Rob
    10 September, 2012

    This site is fantastic! Brings back lots of childhood memories. …I’m quite angry I’m missing Storyteller book 1 (though I have the tape), yet own everything else. Typical. Occasionally I scour Ebay in the hopes someone is unwittingly trying to get rid of it so I can restore my collection to its 4 glory.

    • Sharon
      29 October, 2014

      Oh no I know how you feel. I have issue 1 but the cover is missing. Typical as it was my favourite.

  7. scarecrow78
    2 October, 2012

    Oh thanks so much for this! All those wonderful childhood memories listening to these stories. I used to love Grogre the Golden Ogre, Seadna and the Devil and Stone Soup, to name but a few. Makes me want to get out onto ebay or amazon and buy a few of these now!

  8. lorna maria main
    19 November, 2012

    I was just wondering if you knew where i could buy the compleate story teller set 1&2 with everything please
    These hold special memories of my mom whom died in january and when my dad downsized i lost my collections can you help me
    Kind regards

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  10. Kim Dymond
    24 August, 2013

    I’d love to be able to purchase part one for my sister! We listened to it endlessly when we were kids and id love for her children to hear it 🙂 brings back some good memories 🙂

  11. Si
    17 September, 2013

    Any seen a post for The Fishing Stone : Carole Boyd? This was legend if I remember correctly! If you have it & can digitize it please do! 🙂

  12. Acai
    26 November, 2013

    Are you going to make videos for the ones that don’t have one yet?

  13. Michaela Kent
    26 March, 2014

    Please can you me know where I can purchase these story tellers . Listening to the stories are some of the happies memories from my child hood . I remember closing my eyes and being transported to these magical places .

  14. Marco Ciana
    3 August, 2014

    Can You Make the Videos of “Peter Pan”, please? 🙂

  15. Eleanor
    26 February, 2015

    Thank you so much for this! I have all the Storytellers and wanted to share with my daughter. I recently found the tapes all excited but alas they have deteriorated.

  16. shadowgirl
    6 July, 2015

    Such a shame 3 really good stories don’t work on part 8. Always especially liked The Man Who Knew Better. Are there any up to date links to upload the full versions? Eternally grateful! I’m 40, grew up with Story Teller and now picking through this with my son.

  17. Robert Brookes
    11 July, 2015

    Ah I used to own the books and tapes, which I temporarily inherited from my Scottish cousins, but I returned them for one of them had a daughter so I thought it appropriate. Love it. I even had a Christmas book and tape, I would listen to a tape each night leading up to Christmas then listen to the Christmas one on Christmas eve. It was such a good time.

  18. Robert Brookes
    11 July, 2015

    I never had Storyteller 1, but I had the books and tapes of Storyteller 2. Unfortunately the 1st tape broke 😦 I’m listening to the Wizard of Oz on youtube. Also interesting fact: In a song for slug there is a repeating bit of music (oboe and bassoon) in it. A while ago I heard this music used in an episode of Spongebob, amazing that the sound clip has been used for so long!

  19. Robert Brookes
    11 July, 2015

    Reply with what your favourite storyteller 1 or 2 story was/is.

  20. Costas Terr
    27 July, 2015

    Is it possible to find issue 11 from the story teller 1 new or in a good condition?

  21. Marco Ciana
    18 September, 2015

    Can I Have the First Music’s Title of “Rapunzel” and “Mother Goose”, Please? 🙂

    • Marco Ciana
      18 September, 2015

      Oh, and even “Stolen Thunder”, please: That’s Really Epic 🙂

  22. cueplayproductions
    3 January, 2017

    Thanks so much for posting these. My children love these as I once did. Totally heart warming.
    Quite a few more videos have been uploaded since this was published.
    Admin it’s worth an update.
    Thanks again

  23. Sarah Lovell
    24 May, 2017

    Love these stories so much! X thank you

  24. frosty
    8 June, 2017

    Can I have the Diggersaurs (2) read by Steven Pacey story which is found in Storyteller 2 part 21?

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