… to the redesigned and improved Story Teller website. It is the most complete and comprehensive website dedicated to, in my mind, the greatest collection of children’s stories and poems ever produced. Here, you’ll find a complete story listings, reviews, synopses, articles,  background information on the collection, and so much more. It’s a work in progress but it aims to become the ultimate Story Teller resource online.

Read a special welcome message from Peet Ellison, writer and illustrator of Timbertwig.

In 2020, the members of the Story Teller Facebook group authored the Story Teller Members’ Edition, an attempt to recreate the original Story Teller magic but with a modern twist. Get it here. A few old names and faces and a lot of new talent. I hope you love it!

Story Teller was about the best of the partworks – far better than a comic. It came with a cassette tape on the cover so that the child could listen and read simultaneously, and it had top class readers (Derek Jacobi etc) and excellent writers and illustrators (e.g. Korky Paul).

Geraldine McCaughrean (Writer)

My brother and I would wait for what seemed like an eternity but was in fact for only two weeks for this little pack of magic to be posted through our letterbox … I remember the joy I felt on hearing the “Ding!” on the tape, telling us to turn the page. These stories filled my little head with wonder and my little heart with butterflies …

Ramona Aly (Journalist)