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155 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Katie says:

    Bravo for this website!!!! I loved this set as a child and still feel passionate about it today! Thank you, thank you! I now know I’m not alone with my love for this marvellous set of stories

  2. Craig McKay says:

    Hi there,

    As I child I collected and listened to Story Teller over and over. When my folks moved house the whole lot disappeared – I had both sets and the Christmas Edition.

    I would to get a complete set of tapes for my children and digitise them into MP3s. Has anyone done this already? Obviously there would be copyright issues. has anyone lobbied Marshall Cavandish (do they still exist) to reissue the series?

    If you know of someone who would trust their set to me, I would digitise and send back for a fee.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions – I would my (four!) kids to hear these stories.

    Many thanks,

  3. Craig McKay says:

    I didn’t mean to post this as a comment – can you delete this and the one above please – I was asking for your help. Thanks.

  4. Tony Karamitas says:

    I echo Craig McKay’s sentiments exactly. I have never forgotten the wonders of Story Teller and have tried to tell people about it for years but no one else had heard of it.

    I want my kids to have what I had in Story Teller.

    I have been to the JustGiving website but Darren Prescott has a notice up that he has suspended the service indefinitely due to personal reasons. I am stuck.

    Do you know of another way to buy the digitised set?

    Many Thanks

    • rebecca cook says:

      Hi there , my mum collected all the story teller tapes for us as children and i loved them! I would really like to get hold of them on cd and let my son listen to those magical stories i enjoyed so much ! Is this possible please ?

    • Peter York says:

      I am remastering my collection of the tapes onto CD if interested. No charge only a replacement blank CD’s.
      Let me know if you would like a copy.
      pyorkie at bigpond dot com

      I am after copies of the books as my set were lost or destroyed in moves.

      • Joanna Green says:

        Hi, I myself have always wanted them to reissue storytellers onto cd as alot of my tapes wont play at all now and really wish they would, I have them wll qnd miss listening to them. Would it still be possible for you to copy them onto discs pls as I would really love them.

      • Dean Feltham says:

        Hi Peter,

        Can you advise if you have completed this and if so would you be able to send me a copy. I really would like to share with my 4 year old daughter.



      • Mark Jackson says:

        I collected series 1&2 but tapes became muffled/tangled or even snapped wish they were released on cd would love to have them on cd

  5. nobody says:

    I actually have 2 sets of storyteller tapes and books somewhere in a cupboard, one set I bought fortnightly when I lived in South Africa and my son and I enjoyed it very much. Years later I bought a second set at a local charity shop. Howevewr I would have to dig them out to see if they are complete, I know the last time I tried to play a tape it didn’t work properly. Also before I found this site I emailed Marshall cavendish and asked if they would release the series again on CD. I also have the christmas specials.

    • Emily Andrew says:

      Have you had a reply? My daughter had these in the 80’s. I still have them all and her son loves them, however some tapes are sticking, need CD’s

  6. sharon says:

    OOPs sorry I forgot to put my name …….so incase you are wondering I am nobody that commented on having 2 sets of Story Teller tapes and books

  7. Lee Roberts says:

    Hi Story Teller fans,

    I need your help…

    Does anyone have the cover designs for the ST1, ST2 or Little Story Teller binders that they could email to me?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    Lee (

  8. Chanel says:

    Wow! – I can not express how happy I am to have found this series at last. I used to listen to these tapes each and every night as a young girl. They vanished without a trace and ever since that day, i’ve had this series on my mind. I would love to share it with my partner, and future children – and am in hopes that they will be released again someday.

  9. Graeme says:

    Hurrah for Storyteller and other people who remember it fondly like me! I am pleased to have found this site! I do hope that Eaglemoss will one day re-publish the whole set in cd format! Roll on that day!

  10. Graeme says:

    To inform any one who might read this comment – I emailed Eaglemoss to ask if they had any plans to re-publish storyteller. The response was that ‘sadly we have no current plans to publish storyteller’. Read into that what you will but it sounds to me they may have plans for the future! If they had said ‘we have no plans’ I might be more concerned!

    • timbertwig says:

      Thanks for this, Graeme. Eaglemoss knows how popular Story Teller is and I’m sure that if we keep emailing them they’ll eventually give us what we want!

  11. Graeme says:

    It seems like they are well aware of the popularity of storyteller – just read on facebook that it is in their ‘maybe’ list! It would be a good idea to get a petition or something else going – maybe there already is! I wish I knew more people who I could ask to email them! Til then we can keep on hoping!

    Was looking at the covers of the italian storyteller and althought it looks quite arty I do hope that it not the cover they give it in the UK! LOL!

    • timbertwig says:

      The Italian re-issue are truly awful. It’s not only the covers that changed – the illustrations were all changed too in similar style. Only the audio remained the same.

    • michelle says:

      Hi there i e-maild somone at eaglemoss (the address i added on facebook) and marshall cavendish to see if story teller would be reissued but got no reply.
      I hope we get our wish.

  12. Bwilly Ant says:

    Hello all,

    I recently bought the whole series for 15 pounds from a guy named Darren Prescott who has put the entire series onto dvd’s with pdfs of the magazines and is selling them on and donating the money to save the children.

    I also had called Eaglemoss and they said they were not planning on releasing it any time soon due to royalty disputes with the famous narrators…and then I found Darren.

    I can vouch for the quality of these recordings. I have gone through the whole set and it is AWESOME. My wife came home to find me listening to my favorite childrens stories and I couldn’t stop rambling to her about how amazing these stories are and how she should listen:)

    So if you want copies of these stories that is where i got them. If you wait for Eaglemoss you may haev to hold your breath a long time!

    Hope that helps
    Good Luck

    • timbertwig says:

      Thanks for sharing this. I suspected that it’s royalty issues that’s preventing Eaglemoss from reissuing Story Teller. They know how popular the series is and I’m sure they would release it if they could. I hope they get the royalty disputes sorted out as it would be such a shame if Story Teller was never published again.

    • michelle says:

      Hi there, i found that site to late, darren had sold out and he reached his target for his cause.
      There maybe some good news, many people including myself e-maild darren to see if he would be selling the discs agane. His reply was he wasn’t planning to do them but he has had many requests for them that he is thinking of doing them for hieti. he will let me no what he decides within next few keep people posted

    • Emily Andrew says:

      Would love the collection on CD. What has happened to the Darren Prescott

  13. Graeme says:

    loyalties! I guess that can take a while to iron out. Do you think they might consider using modern famous people to re-record the audio and then sell it in a new format?

    • timbertwig says:

      They probably could but I’m not sure I would like that. It just wouldn’t be the same without the original readers. Can you imagine Gobbolino being read by someone else and not Sheila Hancock?

  14. Graeme says:

    I already have the complete series one and two but I still think I would collect the series of it waS ever released again! I also think if Eaglemoss think it is worth ironing out the legalities i.e. their profit margins of selling it again wll be worth more than their legal fees etc they would/should sell it again – I can imagine they would make a real steal with this product! What stuff of MC have eaglemoss already sold – does anyone know?

  15. Graeme says:

    It would be strange to hear it recorded without her but then they might be able to find someone who could do an equally awesome job! Or if perhaps they could get the permission of some of their old recordings and make some new ones – combination!

  16. Graeme says:

    sorry to ask such a question – why did the sign awaiting moderation arrive on post 26? Hope I havent said something wrong!

    • timbertwig says:

      Don’t worry about it, Graeme. It was probably just an error. Normally, only your first post gets moderated.

  17. Bwilly Ant says:

    Does anyone know how to unsubscribe from receiving updates on e-mail? I tried clicking on the “one click unsubscribe” link but nothing happened and I can’t seem to get into my account (not actually sure I ever set one up)


  18. bwillyant says:

    Ah, figured it have to actually create an account in and then go to subscritions and delete any blog subscriptions, otherwise everytime someone comments you get an e-mail.

    (Just in case any of you guys get stuck with the same issue:))

  19. Graeme says:

    Had fun listening to Fords toy cars today – am glad to have found this website this week! How bizzare is it to be re-enjoying my childhood this week – must be something to do with turning 30!

  20. Robyn says:

    Hi, I am looking for a book that i had as a child, it was collection of these stories, it had a selection of the timbertwig stories, simon rhymon and loads more it was a brilliant book but i cannot remember exactly what it was called and i have no idea where to find it!

    I came across your site whilst i was looking for a copy of this book, and i hoped someone would be able to help me locate a copy? i seem to remember that the first story was called ‘the magic porridge pot’.

    I hope someone can help as i would love to own this book again as i wanted to read it to my own children!

    Thank you!

  21. Chris says:

    Is there any other way to obtain the digital copies again? I missed the charity window. And now he’s not making it available to order anymore. 😦

  22. Caroline says:

    Ditto above, if anyone has either a CD they could copy or MP3 file they’d be willing to share I’d be happy to cover their costs. Really sad to have missed the opportunity to get the CD’s.

  23. Andrew Hinge says:

    Hey Guys! Great site thanks for all the hard work.

    The whole Storyteller series was outstanding as you all know. but what made an indelible impression on me was the music. In particular the music in Pinocchio where he finds Gepetto in the belly of the whale. But i can’t find out where they took this beautiful score from, AND ITS DRIVING ME INSANE! Does anybody know what music the Storyteller creators used for Pinocchio? PLEASE HELP!!

    I’m sure i’m not the only one who would like to know about the music from the books, my email is

    • timbertwig says:

      As much as many fans of Story Teller would love to believe that the music was specially crafted for each story, all of the music, including the famous Story Teller jingle, was sourced from music production libraries.

      Marshall Cavendish used, as far as we yet know, music sourced from KPM, Sonoton, and Themes.

      Although we are making good headway in locating many of the pieces of music used for Story Teller, we have sadly yet to match anything used in Pinocchio. That said, we are locating new pieces of music regularly”

    • Rex says:

      Hi Andrew… that track has left a lasting impression on quite a few people it seems as it’s one of the most mentioned pieces used. The tracks title is Distant Hills and it was released on KPM 1293 – Traditions [by Richard Harvey] and re-issued on CD by KPM (EMI) 101 – Heritage. The track can be listened to on the EMI site using the search features.

      I’ve just spent a few hours working on all the Pinocchio music pieces. Expect them to be updated on this spreadsheet very soon! =)

      • Nickelbunt says:

        Thank you Rex. All I can say is thank you. I’ve been looking for that piece of music for 30 years… When I couldn’t find it, I tried to learn it by ear on the piano. One of the longest standing boxes on my bucket list has just been ticked off. 🙂 Today is a good day. Thank you again.

  24. Steve B says:

    Hi all

    I’ve just discovered this site but am gutted to hear that the window for ordering electronic copies of the readings has now closed. StoryTeller was such an important part of my early learning and I remember my eager excitement as I waited for the latest edition to appear on the newsagent shelves.

    I understand that Darren Prescott is now longer making copies but does anyone have his email address? I’d be really keen to go onto a waiting list in case he starts up again.

    I don’t remember Eaglemoss at all – it was all about The Wizard of Oz and Gobbolino for me!

    Many thanks


  25. Leo says:

    I used to love the Story Teller partwork as a child and I still do! The illustrations were so amazing and the stories, music scores and acting so well produced. However, I have never listened to the English version, only the Greek one. In Greece, only the first 26 parts were produced and can still be bought on-line with CDs instead of tapes:

    I have them all in MP3 format — although I’m still missing some of the books that my mother decided to let my wee cousins “borrow” and were never seen since (I’m referring to the books here, unfortunately the cousins are still as menacing but fortunately I live too far away to be bothered!)

    I wish I could listen to the English version — especially the Christmas ones as they were nevere published in Greece. My Scottish partner has never heard of Story Teller (although vaguely remembers some orangey cassettes — rings a bell!) but at the same time doesn’t understand Greek and feels all jealous when I listen to my fairytales (we are both 35-year-old academics in case anyone wondered: what’s your age again?)

    I’ll keep checking this space just in case someone finds a way for us to get copies. I have also emailed the rights holding company in the name of my lecturing capacity and trying to remind them the pedagogical significance of this series (most probably they will ignore my email completely, but it was worth a try. Next time I’ll pretend to be a sad 5-year-old…)

  26. Aida Banfield says:

    Please release Storyteller on CD – we spent many happy hours listening to all the stories, especially whilst travelling on holiday. I lent our collection to someone and they were not returned. My children now have children of their own and it would be so good to have these stories for them to enjoy.

  27. Martin Helfer says:

    Hi there,

    there’s also a German version of story teller. It’s called “Erzähl mir was” which means “Tell me a story”. I used to listen the stories when I was a child. I really liked the music in “Toad Of Toad Hall” and “The Wizard Of Of”. As you mentioned above, the musical score was taken from sound libraries. Is there a list, where I can look up the music for those stories? This would be great. Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany.


  28. Meg says:

    Hi there, im a zaffer looking hard for the SA versions which i cant find anywhere, according to all the lists and sites the UK and SA editions were the same, when really – where are the stories about brolloks and bittergal and Van hunks, and little heksi?

    if anyone knows of anywhere online i can find the sa versions please mention them


  29. Shawn Iman says:

    Hi. When I was growing up (in the 1970’s) I had a book,it was a compilation of fairy tales. I don’t know when it was first published, but it was a hard back book, red in colour, and on the front it had all sorts of the fairy tale characters all lined up (including the “Big Bad Wolf’)together…much like some of the old Looney Tunes characters were lined up side by side in a few of their shows (at the beginning, I believe). Last time I saw one of these books, it was in the eighties, and I wished I had purchased it then. Does anyone have a clue as to which book this was? I would love to purchase it, somehow. Thanks

  30. Mammy P says:

    Does anyone have any idea how to contact Darren Prescott to get more copies? I would pay LOADS for these! I’ve got all the magazines but the tapes are warped with age.

  31. Ann Burnett says:

    I was one of the writers for both Story Teller and Little Story Teller all those years ago. It was great to look through the website and read how many of you had enjoyed the stories. My elder son, who also listened to them as a child, discovered that a girlfriend had also listened to them in Italian. I wonder how many other languages they were tranlated into and if anyone out there has copies.

    • theselfishgiant says:

      Well thank you very much Ann. I doubt I would have had such a love of story telling and books if it hadn’t of been for people like you. I can’t tell you how much I adored these stories, and how to this day, can remember the exact words. I’m enjoying sharing them with my children now, and that means you’ve given more than one generation an amazing gift.
      Thank you again.

  32. amie singleton says:

    i had these tapes as a child and still have them today at 31, i rememeber listening to them in bed and imagining being in the stories, my oldest son age 8 recently listened to them for months at bedtime and too loved them but im now afraid to play them as some started to wobble, i have 2 younger kids and would be so so happy if one day i could play them for my youngest too, i think converting to cd etc should seriously be considered as if u research on net there are people all over looking for them , my fav story was the little tin soldier that tape was played over and over again, please please start process of re releasing this tapes they would sell for def kids would love them and im sure if parents knew kids would enjoy being transported into the world of story teller at bed and settle to sleep they would buy them without a prob

  33. josephine kerr says:

    I am searching for a Mp3 copy of the tapes of Little Storyteller / Story Teller.
    Be very grateful if anyone could help

  34. Bambii says:

    Hi…. I’ve been searching for a copy of The snow queen to buy, or beg a copy of… Does anyone know of a site? Or would someone have a copy I could have? I have a few tapes at home, but have lost this one… could you email me on: if you can help me… Thanks!!!

  35. Avril Steytler says:

    Hi i just thought you like to know that the little Story Teller tap and book which came out every fortnight at £1:95.My daughter who is in her thirtys now had them on endlessly she had a fisher price tape recorder and where ever she went that went with her with one of the taps going she played them so much that three got chewed up and broke so 7 and 8 and19 have all bit the dust. then my second daughter also played and played them on the sam machine. my grands sons were not interested in them. but my little grandaughter who is three loves them she knows the hampsters name she knows what the ding if for and the hampster song and the tune just befor a story she also loves looking at the reivant book and as we never took out the activity page in the middle we can still do the activitys i have all 26 books no1 is dog eared for some reason so over the last 26 years it has made two generations loving them and keeping out of trouble also good for mum s as well. is there anyway i could get hold of the three missing tapes and also the folder and case that you could buy to keep them in as i never did at the time. i wounder how much they would cost today and how long would they last not as long as these 26 years i bet. Avril Steytler

  36. Lisa Andrieux says:

    Wow thank you so much for this amazing website xx Every now and again little stories from my childood pop into my head and I turn to friends to say “you know, they visit the Royal Mint!!”. They used to look at me with weird expressions but now thanks to your website I have tracked down a number of my favourite chidhood stories and they all came from the fantastic Storyteller series. I used to be so excited when every new edition came out and I pored over the magazines fantastic illustrations and cherised the accompanying tapes (the sound of Bernard Gribbins still fills me with excitment). The christmas editions were an extra special treat at Christmas time!!! This website means so much to me, you have made a woman in her 30’s feel like she was 6 years old again. I will be passing on the legacy that is the storyteller series to all! thank you xxxxxx

  37. theselfishgiant says:

    I loved this as a kid and tonight I got to share some of these stories with my son.
    Thank you so much. You can’t imagine how special this has been.

  38. Nickelbunt says:

    The resounding effect these beautiful things had and continue to have on my life is immeasurable. Nearly 30 years later I’m a voice over artist, no small part of which do I attribute to the fact I had the cream of British voice talent reading these beautiful stories to me all those years ago.

    In a small country town in outback Western Australia, I’m pretty sure the tiny newsagency continued ordering Story Time in solely for my benefit. If Mum hadn’t picked up the first one and said “hmmm, this looks good”, I’d be a different person.

    The only sad part about it was Australia only got the first set, and I’m yet to hear Story Teller 2. It’s probably a good thing I found this out in later life, because if I’d been five there would have been a mini uprising. 🙂

    Not long ago, I actually had a part in making the audio recordings for a book of poetry for children; one of the most satisfying moments of my life because it felt like I was passing something of Story Teller on. So all I can say to anyone involved from Marshall Cavendish all those years ago, and everyone involved with this site is thank you. Words cannot express.

    p.s. In that hilarious coincidental fashion, a poster a little while back asked about the music from Pinocchio Part 7 where he finds Gepetto in the whale, and again when he becomes a real boy. I have been searching for that piece of music for TWENTY EIGHT YEARS. 🙂 If anyone does stumble across it pleeeease let us know.

    • Rex Duis says:

      It’s funny, reading your post, but it was exactly the same story for me. I too grew up in a small country town, but next door in New Zealand and I am also now a voice artist. We also only got series 1 in NZ and I didn’t know about series 2 until 2005, when I immediately purchased them from the UK. It took me over a year to move to the UK where a friend was holding them for me, and to my horror I found the guy had mixed up the sets and sent me the series 2 books and the series 1 tapes which I already had. I had to get them again and have been ekeing out listening to them. I was also inspired to write some of my own kids stories and my sister and I both find we use phrases from StoryTeller or (StoryTime as we knew it!) in our own writing. I sometimes work in schools and have used some of the stories in my classroom exercises and the kids loved them.
      A few years ago I tried pitching a series of kids CD’s to an audio production company which makes adventure stories when they were looking for kids stuff, but they changed their mind. Then I wrote to the woman who directed most of the StoryTeller tapes to thank her, couldn’t find her email, called a number I found on a website to ask someone for it and ended up speaking to her! Was a very strange but lovely experience. And I naturally offered her my services should she ever want them. It’s great to know that these stories touched so many peoples lives and in such a big way.

  39. tiffany says:

    Does anybody know if they did a story teller about the royal mint? I’m sure it had a pig in it, who had weird voice. I was lying in bed listening to my partner taking about the federal reserve and the royal mint and it popped into my head. My partner hasn’t got a clue what in talking about. So I need to prove to him I’m not mad. The only other tape stories i remember from my childhood were puddle lane and it wasn’t any of those. Please help. Thank you x

  40. Senecca says:

    The “My Book Of” series? Did it consist of stories from Story Teller?

    I had this hardback which had several stories and poems from Story Teller (same text and artwork, too.) However, it doesn’t seem to be either My Big Book of Fairy Tales or A Treasury of Goodnight Stories.

    The cover page was dark blue with an illustration of the Owl and the Pussycat on it. I vaguely recollect the word “Treasury” being in its title.

    It contained stories like Noisy Neighbours, Dodo & the Pot of Gold, The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg, The Lion and the Peacock and poems like Hannibal, Father William and The Old Man of Torbay.

    Would you happen to know what the title of this book might be? I reckon we bought it in the early 90s, probably.

    Thank you very much!

  41. Kristen2 says:

    Hi there all i just found out theres so many people like me that grew up with storyteller.
    I also would love my children to have that experience so does anyone in newzealand know how i can get some ?? Thanks

  42. charlotte warner says:

    Hello can anyone please help me! i am desperatly trying to find out the name of the piece of music that was played at the end of the lord of the rushie river part 1, i loved this piece of music so much and i want to play it at my wedding ! thank charley

    • junpineda says:

      Hi there … I’ve contacted one of the Story Teller fans on the ST group on Facebook who has an interest in the music used in Story Teller. He can’t promise anything but he’ll try to find out for you. When is your wedding?

    • Monkey Dee says:

      Hello, Charley!

      Congratulations and best wishes for your wedding when it happens. Jun contacted me because of my research in this area. At the moment I am piecing the Story Teller music together bit by bit – a labour of love.

      Can you tell me when your wedding will be so that I know how long I have to try and find this piece of music? Unfortunately it has not yet surfaced.



  43. charlotte warner says:

    oh wow that is amazing thank you so so much, i really didnt think anyone would come back to me! my wedding isnt untill next september so time is on our side, if i can remember rightly the music is played at the end of the story, i think i might have found the original cassette on ebay so i have also sent a message to the seller to double check its the right one but if so at least i’ll have something to go on! i am super grateful for the help xxx

    • Monkey Dee says:

      Next September? That IS good news. That gives me good time. I am finding new bits of music all of the time, however it is a painstaking process and involves the transfer of the music from vinyl to digital, etc. I am confident that I will find the piece.

      My only concern is finding you again. Just trying to think how we can swap email addresses with publishing them publicly. Hmmmm.

  44. lilymay says:

    hi, i have the complete collection of storyteller 2, with books, book folders and tape holder, would you recommend to sell now or wait, thanks.

  45. zahra says:

    I am trying to figure out which story tapes from my childhood used the music “Morning” from “Peer Gynt” by Grieg in the opening…..please can you help? Is it this series or perhaps another one. Thanks so much in advance.

  46. Caroline says:


    I would keep hold of it.

    I remember Storyteller as a child, my dad would read to me every night, I was very fond of Gobilino. The Stoyteller magazines and tapes were handed down to my nephew. He unfortunately didn’t appreciate them like I did and no longer has them. I regret it so much that I no longer have the series. Given the chance again I would never have parted with them. I can’t find them to buy anywhere.


  47. Tara Green Kissoondyal says:

    Where can I buy? I desperately want to get hold of any of the tapes or books. My sister and I grew up listening to them and I still sing the song in my head.

  48. Juliet Macaskill says:

    Hi there,
    I grew up listening to story teller cassette’s in the 80’s!I now have 2 small children and would love to get a couple of storytellers for them to listen to in the car.
    Do you know of how I can go about finding and buying some?
    Much appreciated.
    Juliet Macaskill
    P.O Box 340
    Mooi River
    Kwa Zulu Natal

  49. Rachael says:

    Thank you, Thank you Thank you Thankyou, I had the whole collection when I was a kid, and loved the stories dearly. I have always regreted not keeping them. I now have a 3 year old daughter and have searched and searched to find and share these stories with her….and now I can. We have just listened to Rapunzel and she loved it. Well done for starting and sharing this site.

  50. Sarah Curtis says:

    What a lovely website. I think storyteller would be an amazing subject for a TV documentary. As lot’s of well known actors were involved in telling the story’s. Interviews with the actors, illustrators on the experience of making it, would be amazing, along with history of how it came about in the first place, and why they could not bring it out again, etc…. I could just see this on a BBC Channel , I think it would really capture the public’s imagination, and be some nostalgic viewing also. Let me know if anyone is interested in doing this….

    • Teek says:

      I agree, i think it would be a fantastic idea to get an insight into the inner workings of it, recollections, pleasures, frustrations, all of it from as many people involved as possible, before it’s too late! How could we petition BBC to do that?

  51. Mary Greenwood says:

    Hi, does anyone know where I could buy The Story Teller Christmas Book 2. How me and my kids loved these renditions. Would love to bring back the magic for my grandkids.

  52. Alice says:

    Hi everybody!
    This web site is amazing! I’m an italian ‘user’ of Storyteller [In Italy was translated in ‘I racconta storie’] and now I’m 30. Sometimes I like to listen again all that tales that grew me up and I discovered that there are a lot of beautiful music! I’m not talking about songs and doggerels that sometimes alternate tales but I’m talking about that sort of soundtrack of every tale.
    Do you think that is possibile find a sort of list of them? I tried to fined these informations on my old Storyteller books but there were only a list of the illustrators and actors that worked on them.
    I really hope that someone can help me!

    bye everybody

  53. liz says:

    Hi I have story tellers first two books and all of the cassette I’m the red carrier case provide really good condition,was wondering how the best way to sell them and how much they are worth
    Kind regards

  54. p-body says:

    Hi, I’m interested in writing a touchscreen app for Storyteller. Anyone interested? I’d need high quality high-res photos of the pages, and the audio in digital format.

  55. julie earle says:

    I loved these tapes of story telling think I still have a few somewhere. I thought they had stopped making them. It was these tapes that made me what to write and now I’m a children’s author. welcome back into my life story teller lol check out my website

  56. Amy Laura Chard says:

    PLEASE HELP ME! I had 1 story teller tape as an young child & my mum gave it away by mistake with a bunch of story tapes. The one im searching for has Nigel Lambert narrating on it. Im not sure which story he read though. I only remember a story about a dragon that has a silver bell on its tail guarding treasure. Also another story about a boy that went in a wood with fruit pastiles growing on trees. Does anyone know which story teller tape this was & what the stories were called! please contact me via facebook. Many thanks Amy Chard

    • Nadia Locke says:

      Amy did you ever get a reply to this? I had the same tape and am also trying to find out what tape it was!!

  57. Felicity Sasman says:

    I’ve just discovered the Bumper Christmas story teller while emptying my sons wardrobe . Memories of my two children’s childhood just came flooding back. They are both grown up now and we have two grandchildren whom I’d love to meet all the characters in the story tellers. Both my sons read fluently and bedtime was a breeze. Unfortunately many of the pages of some of the books are stuck together. Please consider re-publishing these wonderful books especially in an era where literacy has become a global problem.
    Thanks for making my kids childhood an unforgettable experience. When they get together, they often recite extracts from stories. Precious moments for us. My sons are 32 and 37.

    All the way from:-


  58. Rosalind says:

    I had the story teller books and tapes as a child and i loved them i just listened again and i loved it just as much will be gathering my kids around to listen later x i always loved the middle colouring pages too this is without a doubt the best children’s series of magazines ever published x

  59. Emily Andrew says:

    Agree with everything you say. I would love to get them on CD’s, my grand children love them but unfortunately some of the tapes no longer work. Emily

  60. Ingrid says:

    Hi there. I have the full set of Story Teller with cassettes etc. My boys have outgrown it and we don’t really listen to tapes anymore. If anyone would be interested in buying the set please contact me –
    I am in South Africa.

    • Geoff Richards says:

      I assume you have the first Storyteller set published, is it with you in South Africa? as I am interested, but living in the UK.
      Do all the tapes work ok?
      I would like these for my Grandson, what sort of price are you looking at?

  61. Felicity Sasman says:

    Hi Ingrid
    I’m living in South Africa and I am interested in the Story Tellers. Where about are you and please let me know if they are both sets and what price you’d want for them.
    Felicity Sasman

  62. Surihe Gaomas-Guchu says:

    I would like to buy for my kids the CD’s of the LIttle Story Teller. How can I order this and how much does it cost?

  63. Rosie Licciardello says:

    I wish to repurchase these whole collection
    I had one set as a child but over the years either books or tapes have gone missing
    Would someone please be able to get back in contact with me regarding if this whole set can be purchased and the cost please.
    Was very excited to be able to find these are available as I spent many wonderful bedtimes listening to these stories as a child

  64. Amy aston says:

    As like all the other posts on here I am a huge childhood fan of the Storyteller series. I now am a mother myself and am desperately trying to get hold of the sets I had as a child.

    My particular favourites were Heidi, Gobolino the witches cat, fords toy cars and there was one about sea creatures that had a star fish family that went to the fair.

    I would absolutely LOVE to hear they were releasing these again on CD but would be very sad if they were not the same narrators, as I think that along with the music and sound effects was what made the stories so magical. I’d love to listen to them again as an adult, and would love for my children to be able to experience these amazing stories.

  65. woomy says:

    Would really be interested in finding out how I can get my hands on the full set without paying silly money on ebay. There was a link posted to to a site where you can download them from but it seems to have been taken offline. I had the full set as a kid but I believe we gave them away. Now with my first child on the way I really want them again. Bloody parents not thinking ahead. 🙂

  66. Emily Andrew says:

    I have a full set of little story teller, my grand children love them. I have problems of getting hold of a decent cassette player. They need to be done on CD’s, too much on other forms of media, can’t see them coming back. We are living in the past!! Sorry!!

  67. woomy says:

    2 days later I find a digital copy on a car boot. Took a chance and bought it, and could not be happier. Everything on there. Series 1 and 2, Xmas 1,2,3 and little 1 and 2. Audio and magazines in pdf format. Now just need to workout how to make my magazines out of the pdf’s

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Woomy, so lucky. I would love to get hold of the Christmas Special 1 – I loved it as a kid (particularly ‘What Wanda Wanted’) and would so so love to share the experience with my 3 kids, who I know would love it as much as my sister and I did. Do you happen to be able to do copies (happy to pay of course) or know how I can get hold of a copy of the audio version ideally). Many thanks, Charlie

      • Woomy says:

        Sorry, just seen this 1 year late. If you are still wanting it, then I can upload to google drive for you to download.

  68. Alistair Scott says:

    Greetings everyone.

    I am too old to have benefitted from Storyteller personally, but my two kids loved it. At the time it was published we were living and working in Zambia. We missed out on Storyteller 1. But in 1984 (I think it was), when we went back to UK on home leave, we discovered Soryteller 2. When we had to return to Zambia we got my sister-in-law to post every subsequent issue to us when it was published. They all survived the somewhat errattic postal system to Africa. My kids adored receiving each issue and would spend hours listening to the tapes.

    I now live in Switzerland. A couple of weeks ago I was up in my attic and I found what appears to be a full boxed set of the tapes, together with all the magazines in a couple of binders. I have now set up a recording system with an old cassette tape recorder I still have, and I am goig to try to transfer the tapes to MP3/CD for my grandson, who was born earlier this year. I’m not sure for how much longer the tapes will last or the casssette player survive.

    Storyteller was such an amazing resource … way, way better than today’s computer games and TV.

    • C Brown says:

      Did you receive a response from anybody? All the old links and torrents are dead. I loved these stories (Story Time for me) growing up and NEEEEEEEED them for my young son!

  69. Keir says:

    I recently discovered some old story teller cassette tapes and listened to them again after many years! However until I looked at this website, I never realised that they were originally released as a magazine series, as I only had compilation books of similar stories which was published in 1985 complete with cassette tape.

  70. Rachel says:

    Oh WOW this has just brought so many memories flooding back from my childhood. I used to listen to this every Christmas Berties great escapade (my favourite) Chocolate Soldier, What Wanda wanted…..Only thought about this as listening to Bernard Cribbins on something and it took me right back! Would love to get a copy for my daughter – can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks so much x

  71. Drew says:

    Story Tellers are some of my earliest memories. Born in 1978 I would have been 6 when the second series was released which must be the issues I read as so far I don’t recall anything from the first series. Sadly I wouldn’t be able to read in any meaningful way until I was ten so I cheated & just listened to the tapes & looked at the pictures (I’m sure I wasn’t alone, even among those who could read properly). I’ve just watched a few of the YouTube videos & it all came flooding back. What a huge rush of nostalgia that was. Wow.
    Many thanks & keep up the good work.

  72. Maria Fuller says:

    Hi, I have complete sets 1 and 2 (magazines in folders) which I’d be willing to sell. I collected them during my childhood. Does anyone know what is a fair price for them and where I can sell them?

    • Ashleigh says:

      Hi Maria, The sets go for varying amounts – you can see a number of sets on Ebay currently. What condition are yours in and do you have the tapes as well?

  73. Steven Ray says:

    This site is a heroic service to those children of the early 1980s. The range of stories, readers and artwork were amazing, and the whole listen-along theme of this series truly gave life it.

    My own experience was with Story Teller 2, and I remember fondly The Wizard of Oz, Shorty, Rumbles in the Jungle and Grogre The Golden Ogre. I could easily rattle off a list of memorable moments, but I guess I will just say that the Lion and Giant Spider scene in Wizard of Oz is the one that sticks out the most. Scary!

    Thank you for the tremendous effort you have put into this site, and for preserving a part of the 1980s that I assumed was lost for good.

  74. oluseyi peter-thomas says:

    Thank you so much for creating this. I remember these from my childhood and loved Storyteller. Now I can share them with my own kids!

  75. frosty says:

    Hi everyone!
    I have found the Storyteller Songbook (both the songs and the book in PDF format). I was able to upload the Songs in MP3 format on the yahoo group in the folder Storyteller songs (Songbook) audio. There is only one which IO can not upload, What Shall we do with the drunken sailor, song number 18 in that list. Unfortunately, I could not upload the PDF book too, because it exceeds the limit of MB allowed by the site. Is there a way to upload it too?

  76. William Vaughan says:

    I have for sale, the full collection, well preserved and complete with binders and tapes.

    Make me an offer 🙂

  77. SK says:

    Has anyone been able to find an active torrent link for the whole set? All the links Ive found don’t work. There was a link a few years ago with the whole set including pdf files of all the magazines but its now dead.
    If you find one please post, thanks!

  78. Floriane Pommier says:

    Hello, I am french and when I was young only the first 26 books were released in France, I am now 35 years old ans I just discovered there was another set of 26 books with the continuation of my favorite stories. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for posting them on your website, for taking the time to scan the books, I will now spend a lovely weekend with them, you are amazing and bring me so much joy !!!

    • Emily Andrew says:

      I have the little story tellers , my children loved them now my grandchildren do. Unfortunately some of the tapes stick 😢😀

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