Compilation Books

Marshall Cavendish released further hardback compilations featuring stories from Story Teller (with original text and artwork) in 1988.

So far, I have managed to track down five titles. They are much thinner than My Big Book of Fairy Tales but still worthy additions to any Story Teller collection. They are (sadly) all out of print but it’s easy to find copies on eBay and Amazon.

Here are the details:

My Book of Faraway Stories

(ISBN: 0863077315)

  • Aladdin and His Magic Lamp
  • William Tell
  • Beauty and the Beast

My Book of Nursery Tales

(ISBN: 0863077277)

  • Horace’s Vanishing Trick
  • The Runaway Piano
  • Counting Chickens
  • The Birthday Candle
  • The Elves and the Shoemaker
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf

My Book of Giants

(ISBN: 0863077285)

  • The Farmer, the Tomt, and the Troll
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Stolen Thunder
  • Master of the Lake

My Book of Children’s Verses

(ISBN: 0863077293)

  • Song of the Engine
  • Father William
  • The Cottage
  • My Uncle of Pimlico
  • O Here It Is
  • Goblin Market
  • The Human Fly from Bendigo
  • The Marrog
  • Rilloby-Rill
  • Windy Nights
  • Sheep-dog
  • Rhubarb Ted
  • There Once Was a Puffin
  • Upon my Golden Backbone
  • If You Should Meet a Crocodile
  • The Sunlight Falls Upon the Grass
  • A Child’s Thought

My Book of Animal Stories

(ISBN: 0863077307)

  • Puss in Boots
  • Lutra the Otter
  • The Captain’s Horse
  • The Miller and His Donkey
  • The Lion and the Peacock

3 thoughts on “Compilation Books

  1. Maria says:

    Hi, I found your blog very interesting, can you tell me if the artwork from these books is the same as in Story Teller or is it especially made for them?

  2. Reenu says:

    Hi ! I had two compilation books in my childhood in India.. They are not the ones listed in this page. My books had stories like show tree, last slice of rainbow, Jack and the beanstalk, thumbelina etc.. they were two thin big books. Now I have a baby, and I wanted him to enjoy the stories. Asked my parents to find them for me. I am sure it’s with them inside one of the cabinets.
    I was searching online for the stories and came across this website. I have now come to realise that the books are made from Story Teller series .never listened to story teller before. But I thoroughly enjoyed my books !

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