Story Teller brought magic and pleasure to children all over the world. The UK edition was released in Ireland and Malaysia while it was rebranded as Story Time in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Story Teller was also released in Spanish, German, French, Greek, Afrikaans, Dutch and, most recently, Russian. This section is being developed with members of the Story Teller Facebook group as a tribute to all the different editions of Story Teller. If you would like to help develop this section, please contact us.


Story Teller

The original UK edition of Story Teller was published by Marshall Cavendish between 1982 and 1985. It was also sold in other countries including Ireland, South Africa and Malaysia.


Storieman, the Afrikaans version of Story Teller, is arguably the most successful foreign edition. The first ever issue sold 35,000 copies when first published and the whole series has been reprited several times.

Story Time

Story Teller was published in Australia and New Zealand as Story Time. It had a similar logo to the UK Story Teller with the same design and fonts, and had the same content and artwork.

Raconte-moi des histoires

Raconte-moi des histoires (Tell Me Stories) was published in France by Marshall Cavendish between 1982 and 1985. The series consisted of 26 issues and three Christmas specials.

Erzähl mir was

Like its UK counterpart, Erzähl mir was came out fortnightly and was available in newsagents or by subscription. Fifty-two issues plus one Christmas special were published.

Άμπρα Κατάμπρα

The Greek edition of Story Teller is called Άμπρα Κατάμπρα (Abracadabra). Only the first series was released, giving Greek fans only 26 issues in their collection.

I Racconta Storie

The Italian version of Story Teller was released as a two-series collection over two years like the UK edition between 1983 and 1984. Unlike the UK edition, however, the two series had different titles.


Сказочник (Story Teller in Russian) is the most recent version of Story Teller. It was published with CDs from 2006 to 2009 by GE Fabbri Ltd. The series was published in 40 parts.

Cuenta Cuentos

Following the huge success of Story Teller in UK, the Spanish publisher Salvat acquired the rights for the Spanish edition, Cuenta Cuentos. The first issue came out in March 1983.