Story Teller (Marshall Cavendish)

A Tribute to the Collection of the World's Best Children's Stories Published by Marshall Cavendish

Tales from Around the World

tales from around the worldStory Teller subtitled itself as “A Collection of the World’s Best Children’s Stories” and it certainly lived up to its name. Tales from Around the World is another exciting compilation that gathers together some of the best stories from Story Teller that originated from all corners of the world. Published in 1987 by Exeter Books, Tales from Around the World is a rich and colourful volume of mystery, comedy and adventure, showcasing different cultures and diverse peoples. Though not as large a tome as My Big Book of Fairy Tales or A Treasury of Goodnight Stories, this collection still contains 164 pages featuring 35 stories. As far as I can tell, it was released only in the United States but it is easy to find used copies from Amazon and AbeBooks. The ISBN is 0671085026.

Here is the full list of stories:

  • The Man Who Knew Better (Scandinavia)
  • The Mighty Prince (Japan)
  • Quest of the Brave (North American Indian)
  • The Inn of Donkeys (Tibet)
  • Seadna and the Devil (Ireland)
  • Never Tangle with a Tengu (Japan)
  • The Magic Porridge Pot (Central Europe)
  • The Friendly Bear (Denmark)
  • The Enchanted Horse (Persia)
  • The Creation of Man (North Amerian Indian)
  • Stone Soup (Central Europe)
  • The Forest Troll (Scandinavia)
  • Wiser than the Czar (Yugoslavia)
  • The Dancing Fairies (Sweden)
  • Narana’s Strange Journey (Lapland)
  • Master of the Lake (Eastern Europe)
  • The Nightingale (Persia)
  • Anansi and the Python (West Indies)
  • Willow Pattern (China)
  • Peter and the Mountainy Men (Northern Europe)
  • Anansi and the Fancy Dress Party (West Indies)
  • Scarlet Braces (Ireland)
  • The Mango-Seller (India)
  • The Creatures with Beautiful Eyes (New Zealand)
  • The Great Big Hairy Boggart (Ireland)
  • Child of the Sun (Canadian Indian)
  • Petrushka (Russia)
  • The Farmer, the Tomt and the Troll (Sweden)
  • Abdulla and the Genie (Arabian Nights)
  • The Fairies’ Cake (Scotland)
  • Good King Wenceslas (Czechoslovakia)
  • Molly Whuppie (Northern Europe)
  • The Swords of King Arthur (England)
  • The Treachery of Morgan (England)
  • Arthur Gives Back its Sword (England)
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