A Treasury of Goodnight Stories

A Treasury of Goodnight Stories (ISBN: 0863079539) is another mammoth compilation of stories from Story Teller. Like My Big Book of Fairy Tales, A Treasury contains the same text and artwork from Story Teller. Published in 1988, A Treasury is even bigger than My Book of Fairy Tales with 410 pages and 81 stories in total.

While My Big Book of Fairy Tales featured traditional and classic stories, A Treasury of Goodnight Stories boasted a lot of the original stories specially written for Story Teller. These include the iconic Timbertwig and Grogre the Ogre stories, as well as the cartoon serials like Rumbles in the Jungles and Robbie’s Magic Go-Kart.

Here’s the complete list of stories.

  • The Magic Porridge Pot
  • Ginger’s Secret Weapons
  • A Great Escape
  • Rumbles in the Jungles
  • Willow Pattern
  • The Electric Imps
  • Simeon the Sorcerer’s Son
  • The Mango Seller
  • The Mighty Prince
  • Grogre the Ogre
  • Superbabe
  • Sam’s Big Break
  • Diggersaur
  • Ostriches Can’t Fly
  • Quest of the Brave
  • Tommy’s Shadow
  • Box of Robbers
  • King Ferdinand’s Fancy Socks
  • Child of the Sun
  • The City of Lost Submarines
  • The Enchanted Horse
  • The Orchestra that Lost its Voice
  • The Magic of Funky Monkey
  • The Snake and the Rose
  • The Thin King and the Fat Cook
  • The Kind Scarecrow
  • How the Polar Bear Became
  • It Takes Time to Teach a King
  • Noggin and the Birds
  • Nogbad comes Back
  • Noggin and the Money
  • Never Tangle with a Tengu
  • Mike’s Bike
  • Bubble and Squeek
  • The Fox and the Crow
  • The Last Slice of Rainbow
  • Simon Rhymon
  • Timbertwig
  • Timbertwig and the Caravan of Surprises
  • Timbertwig gets a New Hat
  • Timbertwig Catches a Marrow
  • Timbertwig’s Birthday
  • The Most Beautiful House
  • The Inn of Donkeys
  • Peter and the Mountainy Men
  • Hen Hustler-Kluk
  • Simon’s Canal
  • The Tumbledown Boy
  • Grogre the Golden Ogre
  • Too Many Buns for Rosie
  • Jester Minute and the Vanishing Castle
  • Gary the Greatest
  • Nothing like a Bath
  • Pat’s Piano
  • Arthur the Lazy Ant
  • Shubiki’s Hat
  • Bobbie and the Magic Go-Kart
  • The Shoe Tree
  • Waldorf’s Fantastic Trip
  • Galldora and the Woods-Beyond
  • Anansi and the Python
  • The Man who knew Better
  • Jojo’s Jigsaw Puzzle
  • The Great Pie Contest
  • The Mighty Rabbit
  • Party in the Sky
  • Wonder Willies
  • The Neat and Tidy Kitchen
  • Stone Soup
  • A Song for Slug
  • The Circus Animals’ Strike
  • The Dancing Fairies
  • Dorrie and the Witch’s Visit
  • Scarlet Braces
  • Master Tiger
  • Narana’s Strange Journey
  • The Flying Piggy-Bank
  • The Creation of Man

22 thoughts on “A Treasury of Goodnight Stories

  1. corbett says:

    Amazon won’t post this book to me and I can’t find it anywhere else as yet. HELP !! Does anyone know where/how I can buy it ?

    A Treasury of Goodnight Stories by Marshal Cavendish
    ISBN-13: 9780863079535
    ISBN-10: 0863079539

  2. Imogen Mirmikidis says:

    I am trying to source this one too, so if anyone has any ideas I would be most appreciative!

  3. Curious Cat says:

    Finally i found this book i’ve been looking for years. I let a good friend borrow it, as the years went by we’ve grown apart but i never got the book back. The worst thing is how rare this book is, if anyone finds it please do let me know thanks.

  4. Richard Corbett says:

    Where can I buy a copy of ‘A Treasury of Goodnight Stories’ published by Marshall Cavendish ??

  5. r. corbett says:

    Could someone tell where, how and cost inc’ delivery for obtaining a copy of ‘ A Treasury of Goodnight Stories’ published and written by Marshall Cavendish’ ?? Preferably good, but almost any, condition.

  6. Ramya says:

    I am looking to buy A treasury of goodnight stories as I have read this book all through my childhood. I live in the UK. Can you please let me know from where I can buy this book?


  7. Ru says:

    So glad that i found this! Used to have a copy when I was young but mom gave it away as we grew up. Been looking for it but have no info whatsoever other than that it has The Magic Porridge Pot story (which is what led me here!). At least now I have all the info! Has anyone managed to get hold of it?

  8. Jack says:

    I’ve got a copy of this book in hardback, excellent condition that I’m selling. If anyone’s interested let me know.

  9. Chloe says:

    I have a copy of this! Loved it when I was little, says it’s rare now at the top, does anybody know how much it’s worth?

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