Timbertwig and the Vanishing Spider

In 2017, Peet Ellison (writer and illustrator of the Timbertwig stories) came up with the great idea for a competition. He invited members of the Story Teller Facebook group to suggest titles for a brand-new Timbertwig story. Peet would then select the title that most fires up his imagination and write a story based on that  title. For the prize, the winner could choose either a signed copy of Timbertwig’s New Adventures or an exclusive Timbertwig drawing also signed by Peet.

In the end, there had to be two winning titles because Peet could not decide between two: The Vanishing Spider and Abigail’s New Friend. Peet chose both but combined them to come up with the title: Timbertwig and the Vanishing Spider (or how Abigail made a new friend)

The brand-new story was exclusive to the Facebook group … until now. For the first time, the story is available to all Timbertwig fans via this website. Here are the opening paragraphs.

Return to Wiggly Wood …

It was a still, misty morning in Wiggly Wood, a real ‘pea-souper’, and Abigail was up and about earlier than usual.

“Goodness,” she exclaimed, wiping the glass with her handkerchief and peering out of the kitchen window, “ You wouldn’t be able to see your legs in front of your face out there today.”

Her attention was caught by a strange, rattling sound, and her sensitive spider-hearing drew her in the direction of the kitchen sink, and the mountain of dirty dishes left over from the night before.

There was a frantic scratching sound, which appeared to be coming from within an upturned china cup, and a faint voice calling for help.
“Is there somebody there?” cried the voice. “ I’m stuck in here with only some smelly tea leaves for company.”

“OK, hang on, I’ll see what I can do,” replied Abigail.

In fact, she could do very little, because the cup was buried beneath a huge pile of pots, pans, plates and saucers, almost as high as the ceiling itself.

“That must have been some meal last night,” thought Abigail.
Drastic situations called for drastic solutions, and Abigail soon realised that this was too big a task for one fragile little spider.
“It really is too early to be trying this,” she thought to herself, as she produced her magic stick, “ but needs must…..
Wizzily, bizzly, lemon and lime
Wash all the dishes, and make them align!”

With a flick of her stick, and a rainbow of fizzling stars, the dishes rose from the sink and proceeded to march in a line, out of the door and out into the misty forest.

Want to find out what happens next? Download the complete story now! (PDF)

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