Rare Story Teller Items

I thought it would be interesting to compile a rundown of what I consider to be rare Story Teller items. I have been collecting Story Teller for several years and these are the items that I have found particularly difficult to track down.

The first ever issue (Part 1, ST1)

Like with all other magazines, the first ever issue of Story Teller was always destined to become a collector’s item. The blue cover, featuring the haughty Emperor, is arguably the most identifiable cover from the whole collection.

Finding a copy in mint condition is now almost impossible. What not many people know is that two editions of the first issue were published. The two editions are identical in every way apart from one thing: the inside front covers feature two different cassette boxes. One issue shows the original box while the other shows the the improved attache-style box.

Part 4, Story Teller 1

As was traditional, the back cover of Part 4, ST1 advertised what stories were coming in the next issue. A small number of copies had a cartoony picture of Rapunzel instead of the “proper” picture that the majority of copies had. I don’t know if this was a genuine mistake on Marshall Cavendish’s part or if it was a deliberate attempt to generate collectable copies. Whichever it was, if you ever manage to get hold of a copy featuring the cartoony Rapunzel, don’t let it go!


Story Teller 2 Preview Issue

The special preview to the second series was included free with Part 26 of Story Teller 1. It was a full-length issue, which means it had 32 pages like any other issue.

The cassette tape that came with Part 26 contained the stories for both Part 26 and the preview issue.

Even though the preview issue is technically part of Story Teller 2, it is properly archived with the first series because there is a slot (or a white strip) for it in the second binder of Story Teller 1.

Christmas Story Teller 3

The first two Chistmas issues are well known. Christmas Story Teller 3, on the other hand, is less so. It was published in 1985, a full year after Story Teller 2 was completed. Christmas Story Teller 3 was published as a complement to the less successful Little Story Teller series. It’s so rare that a copy sold for over £100 on eBay a couple of years ago!

Story Teller Song Book

Most people don’t know this gem exists. It was published in 1986, long after most collectors had assumed that the series had ended. The song book is unique in that in contains songs (as its title suggests) and not stories. However, it retained the Story Teller tradition of including colouring and activity pages plus a cassette tape.


There you go … Story Teller gems that are worth hunting for!