A Conversation with Ann Burnett

q431n9ij0kdc49fton96ukc05a._UX250_On 20 February 2011, Ann Burnett (writer of Superbabe and The Circus Animals’ Strike), posted a very nice comment on the website. She wrote:

I was one of the writers for both Story Teller and Little Story Teller all those years ago. It was great to look through the website and read how many of you had enjoyed the stories. My elder son, who also listened to them as a child, discovered that a girlfriend had also listened to them in Italian. I wonder how many other languages they were translated into and if anyone out there has copies.

Her comment included her email address and so I emailed her back with the following:

Thank you for visiting my Story Teller website and for posting a very nice comment. It’s wonderful when hearing from fellow Story Teller fans from around the world and even better when one of the writers like you get in touch! It was a thrill to hear from you as Superbabe and The Circus Animals’ Strike are two of my personal favourites from this wonderful series.

To my delight, Ann Burnett replied with the following:

I’ve passed on a link to your website to another writer, Pam Ramage. We used to bombard Story Teller with our stories but they rejected far more than they picked. Still, there was always such a thrill when they bought one. Both of us were involved in writing stories for children’s radio programmes at the time and I think that helped with us being accepted for the series.

I was also writing Postman Pat stories every week for the comic ‘Buttons’ and when I look back at my record books of what I was writing and sending out, I’m amazed by my output. All that and two young sons as well!

Unfortunately several months ago I had a good clear out of stuff relating to Story Teller (correspondence mainly) on the grounds that it was ancient history and nobody would be interested in it – just shows you, doesn’t it! – though of course I kept all the books and tapes.

It’s fascinating to read how much people remember enjoying the books and there is certainly nothing like it on offer at the moment. Too old hat probably. But it was an ideal way to interest children in books and reading. In fact, I feel that today’s kids are short-changed as far as listening to stories goes – it’s all got to be fast-moving and noisy. But perhaps kindles are the way forward. Who knows?

I wish you all the best with your website.

I replied one more time:

Thank you very much for taking the time to write back.

Story Teller will live on in the hearts of a whole generation who were privileged enough to experience the magic created by this unique and amazing series. Like you say, there’s nothing like it these days (very sadly), but you and the other writers, the illustrators, and the readers that together made Story Teller so special will always be remembered.



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