Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 5

The Hamster’s Riddle
Can your children tell which Magic Mountain character Morris and Doris are singing about?

Spot Finds a Friend
Magic Mountain’s mischievous little puppy tells his own story. Spot’s words on the tape are reproduced word for word on the page.

Two Little Dicky Birds
A poem and game combined, to help children learn manual dexterity.

The Toys’ Tea Party
Ian Purdy’s story of how the toys get together to make the most of a rainy day. Spot which toy is which.

Round and Round the Garden
Morris and Doris sing the favourite action song which makes a tickling game for parents and children to enjoy.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Join Morris and Doris as they sing the well-loved nursery rhyme.

Jack and the Beanstalk
A new telling of the classic tale, written specially for younger children. Read aloud from the short version on the page, listen to the full narration on the tape.

Flower Pot Games
A rhyme with some play ideas. Try some of those in the illustration or invent your own games.

The Garden Under the Sea
Geoffrey Cowan’s fantasy tale in which a little girl meets a mermaid who introduces her to a magical underwater world.

Spot’s Song
Spot the dog’s famous catchphrase is finally set to music!

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