Synopses: Little Story Teller/Part 3

Lazy Mary
A question and answer song to start the day with. It doesn’t have to be about lazy Mary – any name will fit!

Jane’s Surprise
Morris the magic hamster introduces another of his friends from Magic Mountain in a new adventure.

Good Morning when it’s Morning
A poem that’s easy for children to learn and fun to recite.

Peace at Last
Find out how Mr Bear finally gets off to sleep, and enjoy imitating the noises in the narration. First published by Macmillan’s Children’s Books. © Jill Murphy 1980.

Hey Diddle Diddle
Join in with Morris and Doris as they sing about the cat and the fiddle, the cow and the moon.

I’m a Little Teapot
Children will love making themselves “teapot-shaped” as they sing along to the music on the tape.

The timeless pantomime tale brought to life on the tape, with a simplified version provided on the page.

The Red Blanket
A rhyme to give children some ideas for using their imagination as they play. It’s amazing what a blanket can become!

The Useful Dragon
Donald Bisset’s story of a dragon who brings happiness to a whole town. From Time and Again Stories, published by Methuen Books.

The Bedtime Song
Morris and Doris sing about just how quickly they can get themselves ready for bed when the time comes!

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