Synopses: ST1/Part 15

Great Myths and Legends
Pandora’s Box
After Man steals fire from Heaven, the gods seek revenge. They put everything evil into a jar and entrust it to the unwitting Epimetheus. It is here that we take up the story of Pandora. When the Greeks first told this myth, it was Pandora’s husband who opened the jar. it is interesting to see how blame has since been shifted on to the woman!

Rhymes and Verse
A Fishy Tale
Christina Rossetti muses on what is and isn’t so in Nature, but comes to a not very serious conclusion.

The Story Teller Serial
(Part 5: the Fairy’s Promise)
The kind Fairy gives Pinnochio more reasons than ever to behave himself, and his own kindness to a police dog saves him from a terrible fate.

Comic Heroes
Grogre the Ogre (Part 2)
The courageous Grogre sets out to slay the Slime Monster. But first he has to find it!

Folk Tales of the World
The Parasol
The story of a little girl’s parasol unfolds in the shape of a Japanese scrreen, painted by the author.

Tales of Today
The Flying Jacket
Little does Professor Popoff know it, but the elves have had a hand in making his new jacket! Betty Willsher’s story first appeared in an anthology of the same name published by Blackie.

Classic Fairy Stories
The Three Little Pigs
This version, shortened from Charles Perrault’s original, preserves all the elements which have made the story popular for generations.

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