Synopses: ST1/Part 2

Classic Fairy Stories
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Grimms’ story of the shoemaker whose careful work is almost his undoing – until six naked elves came to his rescue.

Folk Tales of the World
Master Tiger
Paris writer Beatrice Tanaka has adapted this Vietnamese story to show how the tiger got his stripes.

Cartoon Heroes
Aldo in Arcadia (Part 2)
Aldo and Uncle Emo visit the Man in the Moon on their flying vacuum cleaner and save the shooting stars.

Tales of Today
The Last Slice of Rainbow
Jason is a boy who can see the wind and remember any tune. These remarkable powers lead to a very special day!

The Story Teller Serial
Gobbolino, the Ship’s Cat (Part 2)
The witch’s kitten enters the world of cat shows and finds adventure on the high seas as he continues his search for a home.

Famous Fables
The Greedy Fox
Aesop’s story shows the awful consequences of over-eating!

Great Myths and Legends
Sinbad and the Valley of Diamonds
Sinbad encounters the giant Roc – the most fearsome of mythical birds – in this thrill-a-minute story from the Arabian Nights.

Rhymes and Verse
Bring on the Clowns!
Written by American poet Jack Prelusky, “Clowns” is taken from his book Circus published by Hamish Hamilton.

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