Story Teller (Marshall Cavendish)

A Tribute to the Collection of the World's Best Children's Stories Published by Marshall Cavendish

Story Teller 1: Part 5

Part 5 saw the introduction of one of the most endearing and popular characters in Story Teller history: Timbertwig.

Written and illustrated by Peet Ellison and wonderfully read by George Layton, Timbertwig would grace the pages of five issues of Story Teller plus have the honour of being on the cover of the first Christmas issue.

Despite replacing Gobbolino as “The Story Teller Serial”, every Timbertwig episode was self-contained.

Former child star Hayley Mills read this issue’s fable, The Fox and the Crow, the poem O Here It Is, and the fairy story Rapunzel. Drummerboy and the Gipsy was a thrilling tale about a boy’s love for a horse while Virgil’s Big Mistake was a Western adventure which gave reader Nigel Lambert an excuse to put on an American accent.

And oh, Lambert read the second part of Jester Minute rather brilliantly too.


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One comment on “Story Teller 1: Part 5

  1. Myles
    9 September, 2009

    Timbertwig was great. The way Layton played the part of Granny was fantastic.

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